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Mon, June 20thIFTM Library Closed Until Further Notice

As a safety measure against the spread of the pandemic, IFTM Library is currently closed until further notice. Thank you for your kind understanding.  

At the moment: 

  • Utilise our online resources (ebook, full-text article)
  • Due dates of chec...
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Fri, June 10th5 Differences between a Research Paper and a Review Paper

What exactly is a research paper? How about a review? And what about primary and secondary literature? These jargons can be intimidating at first, but they are not that hard to comprehend once you have understood their discrepancies. Learn about t...

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Thu, June 9thLibrary monthly news (June 2022)

悠閒類電子書 Leisure Ebooks

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Thu, June 2ndHow to Spot Fake News

Nowadays, it is so easy to share information, however, not all information you read online are true. Experts in media studies and online psychology have been examining the fake news phenomenon. Read the tips below to spot possible fake news!

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Mon, May 30thMong-Há Campus Library Closed on 4 June

To coincide with a temporary construction, Mong-Há Campus Library will be closed on 4 June (Sat) for 1 day. Taipa Campus Library will be opened as usual (09:00-18:00). Thank you for kind understanding!

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