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About Endnote

**Important : APA 7th edition style is available, check-> here and follow the steps to install latest APA style to your EndNote.

Endnote is the software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies, citations and references on the Windows and Macintosh desktop.


All staff and students from IFTM may install EndNote on their personal computer for research purpose.


Choose the operating system of your computer and login your iftm account to download Endnote (comparison of different versions).


Setting for Find Full Text feature

EndNote provides "Find Full Text" feature for you to download the fulltext for the reference that saved in your Endnote Library. You have to change some setting with the following steps before using this feature.


1. Click Edit → Preferences


2. Click the 「Find Full Text」on the sidebar and tick all the 4 boxes.


3. Input http://library.iftm.edu.mo as the 「OpenURL Path」.


4. Input https://libproxy.iftm.edu.mo/login as the URL for「Authenticate with」, then click「OK」.





These setting only need to be set for once. After finish the setting, select the references that you wish to find the full text and click right button → Find Full Text → Find Full Text for the feature.



However, this function is limited by the institute's subscription and other technical issues.

It is possible that EndNote found the article URL only, or even found nothing.  In this case, just download the full-text PDF via our Discovery platform or other databases and attach to the reference.

Instruction Tools