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Instruction Tools

Encyclopedia of Tourism 

This encyclopedia is the most comprehensive and updated source of reference in tourism research and practice. It covers both traditional and emerging concepts and terms and is fully international in its scope. More than 700 contributions of 766 internationally renowned experts from 113 countries provide a definitive access to the knowledge in the field of tourism, hospitality, recreation and related fields. All actors in this field will find reliable and up to date definitions and explanations of the key terms of tourism in this reference work. Tourism is the largest industry worldwide and is the main source of income for many countries. With both, this practical impact of tourism and a rapidly developing academic field, with a growing number of university courses and degrees in tourism, and a flourishing research, this encyclopedia is the epicenter of this emerging and developing discipline.   

Encyclopedia of Tourism Management and Marketing

The Encyclopedia of Tourism Management and Marketing is, quite simply, the definitive reference work in the field. Carefully curated by leading tourism scholar Dimitrios Buhalis, this is the largest tourism management and marketing ontology that has ever been put together and offers a holistic examination of this interdisciplinary field. New entries will be added every month and PDF downloads will be available once the Encyclopedia is complete.

New entries will continue to be added to the encyclopedia each month. Once all the entries are online, the option to download them as PDF files will become available.