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Library monthly news (Apr 2021)

Article Date
May 4, 2021

With Macau Academic Library Alliance (MALA) interlibrary loan, all IFTM students and staff are eligible to visit and borrow printed books from 6 other academic libraries in Macau. Before visiting the libraries of other higher education institutes, you should first:


1. MALA Institutional Card: Borrow an Institutional Card at IFTM Library circulation counter. Present the card upon arriving the designated library, after which you can browse through their collection and borrow books.

✔️ go to your preferred library whenever they are open

❌ cannot ensure the book you want is on the shelf


2. MALA HUB Reservation: Alternatively, you can search and request the book you want online at MALA HUB. When it is ready, you will be notified via email to collect the book at the designated library.

✔️ guarantee the book you want is available and ready for borrow

❌ cannot choose which library; have to go before pick-up deadline

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