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Library monthly news (Dec 2020)

Article Date
December 14, 2020

Launch of Macanese Cuisine Database

In cooperation with Macao Government Tourism Office, Cultural Affairs Bureau and International Institute of Macau, and as a part of "Macao・Creative City of Gastronomy", the Macanese Cuisine Database Theme Corner (澳門土生菜資料庫專題室) is unveiled at IFTM Library (Mong-ha Campus).

With the purpose of education, inheritance and promotion, original copies of 26 books related to Macanese cuisine as well as duplicates of 19 manuscripts are on display at the themed corner. In addition, 297 recipes with detailed ingredients and cooking methods can be found at the website of the Database.

IFTM Library will continue to expand our Macanese cuisine collection in contribution to the Database and in advocation of Macanese gastronomy as well as its unique culture and tradition.

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