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Library monthly news (Nov 2020)

Article Date
November 9, 2020

Document Delivery Service (DDS)

IFTM Library always strives to maximise support for our students and staff, which includes the high demand in academic journals from postgraduate students and researchers.

Backed by approximately 1500 higher education institutions from CALIS (China Academic Library & Information System / 中國高等教育文獻保障系統), we are able to provide the Document Delivery Service (DDS) to acquire publications beyond our collection.

By simply filling out the online form, users can request e-copies of journal articles, academic dissertations or conference papers that are not found in IFTM Library’s collection for free. With the support of CALIS, we are able to fulfill 97% of the requests in an average of 1 working day (data from 2020.01.01 - 2020.11.10).

Monthly News (November)