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Winner for Emerald Publishing eJournals Quiz and IFTM Library Meme Contest

Article Date
June 15, 2021

A big congrats to our student who has won the 2nd prize of the Emerald Publishing eJournals Quiz!

Speaking of prizes, we are thrilled to be giving out IFTM Educational Restaurant coupon and participation gifts for the winner and participants of the Meme Contest.

 May be an image of text that says "Emerald 2021 Journals Quiz Apr 19- May 14, 2021 1st Prize Apple Watch Series 3 2nd Prize ×1 SUDIO Tolv Wireless Earbuds 3rd Stojo Cup16oz Cup Instructions: Make sure you are connected to your institution's Wifi. .Make use of the hints and look for the answers in the PDF files. Answe all questions correctly to enter the lucky draw. The winners will be contacted via email within week after the quiz closes. h1 emerald PUBLISHING"